Margo’s About The Will to Live Blog:

It’s no wonder your will to live is challenged, especially if your emotional, psychological and social well-being seems frazzled. Many of us feel anxious, angry, depressed, or moody because we feel hopeless and overwhelmed due to past or present abuse, work, finances, bullying, body image, frizzy hair, snarled traffic, unruly kids, escalating violence, rude people, addiction issues, nagging mates, and headline news.

Yes, there are countless books, blogs, and health resorts that offer self-care remedies, diets, and antidotes to counter your stress, despair, and anxiety. But this blog site wants to break the traditional blogging mold by uniting a group of caring and compassionate bloggers who understand that you or a loved one might be losing the will to live.

Bill Coors and I created this concept while writing “Bill Coors: The Will to Live.” We met with and interviewed numerous compassionate, caring, kind and reflective people that have experienced their own loss of the will to live or have helped others regain their will to live.

From relationship to resiliency experts, medical doctors, mentoring experts, leaders in the experience-based outdoor learning and leadership programs for people of all ages, and those who personally worked with Bill who wanted to find holistic curatives to despair and depression will be blogging to personally connect with you.