An interactive motivational biography and workbook to overcome despair. depression. hopelessness.

Bill Coors and Margo Hamilton created an inspirational motivational biographic workbook to help people of all ages overcome depression, despair, and hopelessness. A 30 minute film serves as an introduction to visibly see and hear Bill share his truths of growing up in a stoic and less than nurturing environment with that of today’s young influencers who grew up much the same proving that no matter the age, social or financial status, and educational or business successes, depression, addiction, despair, suicidal thoughts and tendencies create a cyclical pattern difficult to grasp – much less change.


Bill Coors was forced to become a brewer. Never was he allowed to dream his own dreams, nor did money, notoriety and fame fulfill or define this titan brewer. At age 100, while embarking on his biography with Margo Hamilton, Bill revealed unspoken truths about his life that he had never shared prior; one being he lost his will to live due to emotional, relational and corporate stress. His Will to Live message resonates with people of all ages and backgrounds, and it was his vision that the Will to Live program would advocate wellness and happiness programs within the genres of schools (pre-k through graduate) commerce, healthcare, government and entertainment with the purpose to inspire students, employees patients and programs to take responsible for their own happiness and wellness as a fundamental step in eliminating stress, disease, addiction, anger, rage and violence from their lives.


The Will to Live agenda is to encourages participants aged 12 and older to face their hidden truths concerning past or present abuse, addiction, anxiety, stress, depression and suicidal issues. The Will to Live is formatted as a workbook that encourages participants to answer Reflective Questions followed by a Reflective Journal page to encourage readers to reveal stress that could lead to disease, anger, rage, violence or provocation. The goal is to implement Will to Live programs to a variety of organizations that provide mental health intervention programs, such as middle and high schools, youth groups, colleges, mental health centers, civic groups, behavioral health centers, licensed social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, addiction centers, state department of health, jails, nonprofits, mentoring centers, school mental health services, and substance abuse centers. The intention is to create and maintain a mental balance and overall wellness for people of all ages, including students, employees, patients, the incarcerated and others who feel stressed, depressed, anxious, or suicidal.